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Fifteen Days Course

This course provides the opportunity to study the cuisine and culture of four distinct regions of Italy, including Lazio, Emilia Romagna, Friuli, and Piemonte. The focus will be on studying and working with many of the key ingredients that make Italian cuisine known worldwide. Included among these ingredients are wines, charcuterie, breads, cheeses, pasta, coffee, and other regional specialties. This will be accomplished through an 18-day trip to Italy highlighted by lectures and hands-on instruction from culinary and coffee professionals in the various sectors of culinary production, including vintners, farmers, producers of cheese, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, coffee producers, cured meats, and chefs.


  • Students who have successfully completed this course will:

  • Differentiate regional cooking techniques and products of several regions of Italy.

  • Prepare representative regional recipes of Italy.

  • Taste and identify various wines, charcuterie, bread, cheeses, pasta, and other regional specialties.

  • Discern and explain the cultural influence and their impact on regional cuisines.

  • Summarize the importance of sustainability regarding agriculture, production, and use of regional and local foodstuffs.

  • Enter the world of quality coffee via a comprehensive overview of different activities associated with the products. General view of the bean’s journey, from the plant in its countries of origin to its transformation in the cup

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