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Marco Polo Program Abroad in Italy

Providing students with rewarding and exciting study abroad culinary, hospitality, and sustainable agriculture experiences.


About Us

We are an American Corporation specializing in customized higher education courses abroad in Italy concentrated on Italian culinary arts, Italian style of hospitality, and Italian sustainable agriculture since 2005.

We are flexible in designing the courses due to the five locations throughout Italy, providing an in-depth exploration of diverse regions of this extraordinary peninsula.

We want to improve students' education in one of the world's most well-known food and wine cultures.
Over the years, we’ve created important partnerships in Italy with producers and chefs educator to provide complete and detailed courses on Italian food and wine traditions.

The planned learning experience is based on the needs and skills of participating students and the university.

In addition, for security purposes, each city has on-site fluent English coordinators/supervisors and translators. Students are housed in three-star hotels with “en suite” bathrooms. There are no dormitories.


Our team in the USA is always available for promotional activities and design customized courses working directly with faculty. We Organize promotional meetings and fundraising events at the colleges’ facilities with faculty and students.

Many American culinary institutions have recognized our philosophy and mission, becoming valuable partners in providing the best support to better educate their students in Italian traditions and cultures.


“When I first heard about the trip to Italy my first semester, I was immediately interested in it not just for the culinary aspect but also the cultural and historical aspects. I was, unfortunately, unable to go on the trip my first year, but that’s fine because I would not have had the same experience. I can honestly say that the 17 days I spent in Italy were the best days of my life thus far. The amazing places we went to and the beautiful architecture, art, food, people, and just the culture itself were truly awe-inspiring experiences. Also, the people in our group and our chefs made the experience much better, some people I had never met and got to find out how great everyone was and even make some great friends. All in all, I would make the trip again in a heartbeat and recommend It to anyone really interested in culinary, and I had the time of my life.”

Matt B. Schenectady County Community College 2023


Image by Johnathan Macedo

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